A smile

NaslovnaDid you know that there’s more than a 50 different kinds of smile and that the most honest one is so-called the Duchenne’s smile.

The Duchenne’s smile got its name from a French neurosurgeon Duchenne de Boulogne. Its main characteristic is that there’s a connection between a prefrontal kortex and a orbicularis oculi muscle. What does that mean? That means that when we are truly happy and content that is clearly shown on our face, because we don’t only smile with our mouth, but with our eyes as well. Considering we are talking here about micro-expressions, it’s important to know that a smile is a macro-expression, whereas a smile which lasts for a less than a half a second is a micro-expression. So, with a smile we can cover our true mood and emotions, but an honest smile is the one thing which can prove we actually feel that way. That’s why is good that during the conversation you discover true emotions and feelings of the person you’re talking to, and you’ll accomplish that by asking the right questions and observing their micro-expressions.

Some of the powerful tools in identifying micro-expressions are Q4 and BLINK technique. Give us a call to find out more!