Do you know how to communicate?

4-4-2014Does this question even have any sense?

Standard and logical answer to the question ‘’DO you know how to communicate?’’ is ‘’Of course!’’. By this answer we are thinking of our ability to speak. But communicating is much more than that. Communication means listening, as well as watching and understanding – the spoken as well as the unspoken. This implies communicating in both directions and in the right way. Because communication doesn’t exist if there aren’t at least two sides which speak and understand the same language. It doesn’t metter if that language is something that is spoken, a sign language or a body language. Also, when you stop talking it doen’t mean that you stopped communicating, because communication continues on a non-verbal level. That’s because when you’re angry at someone, you don’t say ‘’I won’t communicate with you anymore.’’, but ‘’i won’t talk to you anymore.’’ And the talking is just one part of the communication, very often a lot smaller part, and a lot less important. That’s why is important we realize the importance of unspoken, but expressed.

Understanding micro-expressions and body language is the right way to be more successful in business and in private life as well. Give us a call!