Sixth sense, intuition, unfailable feeling, ‘’good nose’’…

25-3-2014You know that feelin when you meet someone, but you’re already sure that ‘’that’s not it’’. Something there ‘’doesn’t suit you’’. You don’t know why, but you just haven’t clicked.

It’s possible for this to happen even when you haven’t spoken even one word with that person. Even though we don’t talk to someone, we constantly communicate. And the way of that communicaton created the feeling that something ‘’isn’t right’’. This is called a first impression, intuition, a feeling, sixth sense and a lot of other names, which are actually names for reading universal non-verbal signals. So, reading this signals is given us by nature. Some of them are easily read, but some are really sophisticated and well hidden. The more skills we have in identifying and understanding the larger spectre of different elements of body language, the more successful we’ll be in communicating with others – in sales, negotiations, presentations, in relationshios with partner, kids, friends, colleagues… But even if we know how to ‘’read the unspoken’’ and if our ‘’feeling has never failed us’’, it doesn’t mean that we are successful in communicating. Only when we react the right way (say and show) on something we’ve seen and heard and recognize the well-known ‘’I’m your man’’ attitude in other person, only then we can say that we’re on a right track of becoming successful in communicating and a person of trust. And thatneeds practice.

And another important note – each one of us will say for his/herself that is very good in communicating with others, because ‘’who’s better than me!’’, right? The thing is that’s what people you communicate with say. Give us a call so we can enable you to become a favourite person to talk to!